Affordable Appliances Junk Removal Services

in Dallas, TX

Do you need help getting rid of unwanted home appliances and other junk items such as an old microwave, dishwasher, or refrigerator? Most appliances are often bulky and contain toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to dispose of if handled incorrectly.


Our appliances junk removal experts can safely dispose of all kinds of unwanted appliances for you at affordable prices.

Types of Appliances we Remove

Home appliances come in a variety of shapes and sizes and so, it can be challenging to transport and dispose of them safely. An attempt to dispose of home appliances could result in exposing you to situations that can be dangerous to you and to the environment. Don’t break your back and let the appliances junk removal professionals do the heavy lifting for you.


There is no limit on the types of home appliances we can take. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff can pick up home appliances of all types and sizes. We make sure they are either disposed of or recycled/reused.

Our appliances junk removal services include:

Small Appliances Removal

Vacuums & Steam Cleaners

Hydroponic Systems


Ice Machines

Fans & Heaters

Coffee Makers

Pizza Ovens

Large Appliances Removal

Wood Burning Stoves


Washers & Dryers

Lawn Mowers

Air Conditioners

Water Heaters

Wine Coolers

Kitchen Appliances Removal


Stoves & Ovens


Food Processors




Recycling and Donating Old Appliances

  • Appliances that are still in working condition can be given away to charities.

  • Appliances containing harmful chemicals and other toxic substances, if left out, can leak out into landfills. It can contaminate the groundwater, air quality, and soil. We make sure that they are dismantled and disposed of correctly.

  • The individual pieces of appliances are taken apart at recycling facilities. They are separated according to their categories —recyclable, non-recyclable, and hazardous materials.

How to Prepare for an Appliances Junk Removal Pick-Up

  • Simply disconnect your home appliances from utilities—electricity, gas, or water.

  • Consult a trusted source or the user manual to do this properly.

  • Empty the appliances of all items such as food and other accessories.

  • Create a clear path around the appliances.

  • Allow time for the appliances to drain or cool before moving.

  • Secure racks, drawers, and doors to prevent property damage or personal injury.

For more information, please call 972-525-4066. One of our staff members will answer all your queries.

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Ipar A.


What an awesome dude, got job done fast, on time, friendly. Nothing more we could ask for. If you want something removed, definitely your guy.

Corey N.


He was great, made it quick and easy. Super friendly and efficient. I will definitely give him a ring if I need trash removed again.

Priscilla R.


Justin was quick to respond. I was able to book his services the night before and he was finished before I knew it. Great service provider!

Frequently asked questions

Q.1 What do you consider as appliance waste?

Practically, we accept anything with a plug. Here are some of the everyday appliance waste we deal in:

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Telephones
  • Audio & stereo equipment, Etc.

Q.2 What do you do with appliance waste?

We follow the policy of reuse and recycle. If the appliance is still functioning, we'll donate it. On the other hand, every electrical device has various materials — including metals — which we send for recycling. We assure you that your appliance waste won't end up in landfills.

Q.3 Do you charge according to the appliance size and weight?

No, we charge by the truck loading time. Based on that, we offer 30-minutes loading for $150 and one hour for just $175.

Q4. What is your service area?

We are currently operating in Dallas, Texas.

Q5. Do you take large appliances?

Yes, we do, and we can! Being a leading appliance junk removal company, we have a specialized team with extensive experience in dealing with large electrical appliances safely & efficiently.